Spotlighting creative progression

Shine is a discovery project and youth-driven platform built to celebrate CPH’s brightest talent not only to one another, but to an international lifestyle industry looking to create authentic work that better speaks to our purpose-led generation.

Through written profiles and lived experiences, we shine a light on positive difference, representation, entrepreneurial spirit, collaboration and (most importantly) the incredibly driven next-gen individuals who are pushing Copenhagen culture forward in innovative new ways.


We’ve noticed a huge underrepresentation of young talent from Copenhagen making waves in the international lifestyle industries. It baffles us because there are so many incredible people creating progressive work that seems to be going unnoticed outside of their own social circles. We’re on a mission to change this by spotlighting projects, collectives and businesses that best represent the values of CPH culture.

Contact us if there’s anyone we should know about or if you’re interested in creatively collaborating with us.


instagram: @shine.cph

Created in 2018 by Faith Robinson